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Nov 12, 2019 | Blog

CJones Wellness Blog
November 2019

Change: There is nothing permanent except change- Heraclitus

It is fitting and helpful to focus on change as I sit in my study in Oxford, England. I moved in five days ago and feel settled and yet unsettled. It is different here, although many things are similar. Of course English is spoken but I just listened to a voicemail five times before I could catch the phone number left. I ask people to repeat information. There is a butcher and fish monger in the village. I walk to the market pulling a shopping cart. This move happened during a time of change for me; it has been three months since my Dad left this world, a month since his funeral. I left my home in the capable care of my daughters. My practice is at least part time virtual. [ As an aside, I think FaceBook is the greatest invention.]

I am aware that change brings opportunities-I have been encouraged for many years to write a blog/book so this is where I begin.

The universe has much bigger plans for us than we can imagine. These plans manifest through change. Our egos are so determined to control that we often resist change. We become angry, bitter, depressed. And yet when we look back the circumstances that change our lives, that force us out of our comfort zone, that even bring us to our knees we are promoted- moved forward, we discover insight and strengths we did not know we possessed.

This doesn’t mean our grief, sadness, whatever emotion we experience is wrong or should be shut down. We learn by fully accepting and experiencing these emotions and then bringing our awareness back to center, back to heart.

I miss the physical presence of my father. At odd times I feel overwhelmed by the sadness of the loss. And then it passes and I have gratitude for the time with him, for his gifts to me. Then I feel a shifting, an accommodating within me to accept him as spirit-as love. He is not the same but he is similar.
He is gone and yet he remains.

Change: If you don’t like something, change it. If you cant change it, change your attitude.- Maya Angelou

We may not like change, but change is the nature of our existence. Nothing in the universe is still; we are in constant motion. Even things that appear to be solid are not. We are simply not always aware of the movement.
When we accept change and accept that change is our teacher we can develop a comfort and look for the lessons.
Look to nature for its lessons on change. There is power in change. We have the power to change- our environment, job, relationships, thoughts, self- one breath, one thought at a time.

Meditation focusing on heart and pure potential opens us to the powerful benefits of change.

It is my intention to write twice weekly blogs and to make it interactive so that you can respond. Fingers crossed- it is a work in progress.
Please write comments and share thoughts.

Next : Consider the power of change.

Sending with gratitude and blessings,

Please let me know what you think. Do you have any questions? What has been your experience?