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Begin at the Beginning

Jan 13, 2020 | Blog

Begin at the Beginning


“It’s always best to start at the beginning. And all you do is follow the Yellow Brick Road.” 

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

  Glinda the Good Witch ~ The Wizard of Oz


    As a child, my daughter, Danielle, loved the Wizard of Oz. In fact, she used to introduce herself as Glinda. In the story, Dorothy finds herself in a strange land far away from Kansas. She must find her way home. The answer she is told lies with the Great Wizard of Oz. So she begins her journey to find him. Along the way she meets friends also searching for things- a brain, a heart and courage.  Together they encounter dangers and deal with disappointments; they help each other. Finally they learn The Great Wizard is just a man. What they need and want already exists within each of them. In the end Dorothy finds her own power and finds her way home. 

    In our lives we tend to look for others to find answers that exist within us. We look for affirmation that we are enough: good enough, brave enough, smart enough, spiritual enough, sexy enough, from people we encounter – teachers, lovers, bosses, & friends. We also worry about having enough: power, money, possessions, friends.

   In the beginning, at birth we were all enough. Along the way we forgot or we were given messages that we were not enough. Different people are given different messages. Notice the people around you and you will see that they are searching. Honor their journey by practicing non judgment and kindness. Honor your journey by remembering the pure potential you were at birth. It continues to exist within you and is the source of your power. Allow the love within to direct your life-one moment at a time.

Sending with Blessings,



Please let me know what you think. Do you have any questions? What has been your experience?